What is an ‘Online Resume’?

An Online Resume contains the details submitted by a registered Job Seeker who have applied for your job:

  • Personal Summary, Career History, Skills, Education Qualification, etc.
  • Optional: Supporting document / CV as file attachment (in Word doc or PDF format)
***You can view an Applicant’s Online Resume (by clicking on the Online Resume URL link) whenever you receive an Application Notification in your registered email. Alternatively, Login to your Dashboard to manage applications.

How can I view and manage applicants’ resumes that applied to my Job Ads?

Whenever a job seeker applies to your job, you will receive the Job Applications via Email Notifications from info@JobsBrunei.com to your registered email (ie: Gmail. Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.). And as well, you can access and manage the Applicants’ Online Resumes through your Dashboard. To Learn More, Contact our JobsBrunei Talent Specialist Team via WhatsApp at +6010-977 0088 or email to info@JobsBrunei.com

I can’t view the applicant’s Online Resume

To View an Applicant’s Online Resume, please ensure that you remain on the same web browser throughout the following steps. The use of multiple tabs is fine as long you remain on the same web browser.

  1. Step 1: Login to your JobsBrunei.com account
  2. Step 2: Go to your inbox to access the Job Application Email, and click on the “Online Resume URL Link” available under the ‘APPLICATION SUMMARY’ section.
OR Refer to Employer’s Guide for a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to view Applicant’s Online Resume.

I did not receive any Job Applications via Email notification

Please notify our JobsBrunei Talent Specialist Team immediately of via WhatsApp at +6010-977 0088 or email to info@JobsBrunei.com

Is there a limit in the number of applications that I can receive?

You will receive all applications to your Job Advertisement throughout the 30 days period.

Will the applicants be notified whenever I view, sort, comment or edit on their application status?

Generally speaking, you are responsible to make contact with the shortlisted applicant directly to arrange for phone or face-to-face interview sessions or any sort of arrangements that may satisfy your recruitment process. No applicants will be able to tell who exactly are viewing their online resumes; nor will they be able to view the comments/notes and/or status of their applications.

Can I download Applicant’s Online Resumes?

Applicants’ Online Resumes are viewable online, however, you can still printor save it as PDF by clicking on the top right button that reads “Print Online Resume”. You can definitely download their supporting documents / CV (in Word doc or PDF format) as well as their Personal details (in Excel format).
To download the applicants’ information, you can refer to Employer’s Guide.

How can I contact the applicants that applied to my Job Ad?

Applicant’s email and/or contact number are made available on:

  • Your Inbox: Job Application via Email notification – Look under “Applicant’s Summary Section”
  • Your Dashboard: Talent Management System (TMS) – Look under “Applicant’s Details”
To learn more on how you can view applicants’ details, you can refer to Employer’s Guide.