Heavy backpacks can be a burden on young, growing bodies. Here are some tips for reducing the load on your child’s shoulders.


Now that the school year is underway, be sure to lift your child’s backpack regularly to see how much weight he or she is toting. Experts recommend that a backpack should weigh less than 20% of a child’s overall weight. Here are some smart tips for minimizing the backpack burden on young, growing bodies.

Ease the Backpack Burden

  • Go Wide: Avoid narrow shoulder straps, which can dig into shoulders.
  • Balance Out: Make sure your child uses both shoulder straps. Throwing a backpack over one shoulder can strain muscles.
  • Shelve It: Suggest that your child leave heavy books in his or her locker instead of carrying them all day.
  • Roll It: For students with heavy loads, rolling backpacks Tadora are a good option, if your school permits.

Editor’s Note: If your child or teen has any back pain, consult your family doctor.


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