Product Development and Procurement Intern (Ghanim International) – Brunei Muara

Ghanim International – Posted by bruneihalal | 31 Oct 2019
Brunei-Muara District, Brunei Internship / Industrial Training

NOTE: This job listing has EXPIRED!

Ghanim International

Product Development and Procurement Intern (Ghanim International) – Brunei Muara

Job Responsibilities :

  • Evaluate suppliers based on cost, quality, service, availability, reliability
  • Nurture, establish and maintain relationships with suppliers – local and foreign appropriate to the company
  • Negotiate with suppliers the best prices for company
  • Manage suppliers (local and international) that are important to the organisation
  • Identify potential new suppliers suitable for the organisation
  • Ensure that organisation’s interest is protected throughout engagements with suppliers under the officer’s portfolio
  • Prepare product costings Issuing Purchase Orders
  • Maintaining records of purchases
  • Monitor and manage inventory of stock from finished goods to raw materials (carton boxes, packaging etc).
  • Liaise with relevant departments, particularly Finance, Trading and Sales departments for production and stock replenishment.
  • Coordinate and monitor orders and deliveries with QC & Logistics.
  • Issue alert on expiry goods to relevant departments.
  • Forecast and anticipate demand for products and raw materials in advance for products to meet the business needs
  • Maintain and monitor budget and costing at all times in partnership with finance
  • Meet deadlines Product Development
  • Manage and coordinate the product development process from start to finish as per stated in the SOP
  • Develop product within the price range expected & negotiate price with suppliers with the support of PD manager if necessary
  • Raise and consult with manager regarding issues during the product development process and propose solutions
  • Obtain sign-offs and approval necessary from Management for any cost involved during the product development process including obtaining samples, lab testing etc
  • Ensure sign-offs and approvals are obtained from Management for ANY products to be developed and/or to proceed to the PD stage
  • Conduct appropriate sensory evaluation testing for products that will be proposed to undergo the PD process
  • Manage any product related issues throughout the life cycle of the product & generally monitor the product quality in the market for improvements and innovation etc
  • Take proactive role in improving existing products either through new ingredients, improved formulations, improved packaging etc
  • Undertake relevant research related to product during the product development stage including obtaining feedback from customers

    How to Apply

    Vacancy Open to Brunei Citizens and Residents only; All Foreigner applicants will be Rejected

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    Job Categories: Manufacturing | Production (c).
    Job Types: Internship / Industrial Training.
    Salary: Disclosed upon application.

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